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DVHL Letter to Families

Please read the release from the DVHL below...

Dear Families and Friends of the DVHL: Well, we have good news and not so good news!


York Devils Travel Teams Announced

Good luck to all of our 2020-21 York Devils teams as they begin a new season! We're so proud of you!

16U AA   14U AA   14U A National 
HC: Matt Doyle   HC: Matt Doyle   HC: Matt Unger
AC: Troy Beinhauer   AC: Joey Jaskot   AC: Brian Monteith
AC: Sam LeBlanc   AC: Gary Suchy    
AC: Ian McCollum        
Reece Babcock   Colin Chapman   Casey Burkhom
Evan Bean   Preston Goshorn   Nate Casey
Jack Castle   Alexander Maguire   Owen Cutuli
Tanner Custer   James Makibbin   Jake Evertts
Gavin Filson   Hayden Miller   Zach Graby
Connor Gillespie   Jack Mimnagh   Gabe Keller
Andrew Guiddy   Ethan Ritchie   Sean Koren
Caden Hall   Hayden Shield   Ritter Lenhart
Nicholas Ludwig   Hudson Slenker   Casey McGuire
Tyler Pacoe   Kurt Smock   Amber Meluzio
Joshua Reid   Luke Steward   Xavier Mertola
Landon Rodland   Ryan Suchy   Landon Messersmith
William Shaver   Devon Sullivan   Ryland Schneider
Mason Steward   Dallas Thompson   Q Sharp
Joshua Strausbaugh   Nicholas Wilson   Peyton Sipe
Jaegar Witte   Tyler Woodall   Brayden Unger
Jett Witte       Grant Zart
Joey Wood        
Anthony Woodard        
Kaleb Wyman        


12U AA   12U A American
HC: Matt Gue   HC: Mike Conte
AC: Bob Stremmel   AC: Larry Woodall
Stephen Davis Jr.   Hunter Allen
Nathan Edwards   Jackson Conte
Brandon Granger   Sebastian Kauffman
AJ Haag   Logan Hammond
Reid Kessler   Dylan Landry
Adler Leib   Landon Leisenring
Madden Maclennan   Mason Litsinger
Braeden McClure   Kim Mallon
Dominic Raineri   Shannon McGuire
Keegan Redmond   Dillon Myers
Aidan Sheaffer   Jeffrey Potter
Cole Snelbaker   Gavin Schatt
Rachel Steward   Brysen Siewert
Preston Stremmel   Cameron Strausbaugh
Niko Walker   Chase Strunk
Carson Widener   Cameron Wertz
    Gabe Wilson
    Dimitri Woodall
10U AA    10U B National
HC: Mike Corvino   HC: Ryan Smith
AC: Steve Wahl   AC: Mike Keller
    AC: Mike Knaper
Trey Delmonte III   Layton Becker
Adrian Fitzingo   August Bruckhart
Brandon Haag   Brant Fauth
Braden Meluzio   Jackson Fortino
Lauren Steward   Brennan Imhoff
Carter Stough   Finnegan Keller
Owen Strausbaugh   Lucas Knaper
Ethan Stremmel   Josiah Leib
Gavin Wahl   Mason Leisenring
Drew Walker   Landyn Yanover
Josh Warren    
Cullen Widener    


Good luck to all of our 2020-21 York Devils Girls Teams!

19U   16U
HC Jeremy Wilson   HC Jeremy Wilson
AC Geoff Finch    AC Mac McClurg
AC John Kohl   AC Ron Helwig
AC Chris Kothcish   AC Paul Staiger
AC Ashley Koltenback   AC Ashley Koltenback
Ali Kohl   Nina Anzalone
Ava Pierro   Makayla Harris
Berklee Hibbard   Leah Staiger
Molly Cain    Briella Folkenroth
Lilly Newcomer   Caitlin Krempa
Samantha Bertinetti   Averi Reider
Guin Donovan   Alina Yates
Evelyn Finch   Mychaela Peters
Ava Myers   Amber Meluzio
Leah Wadlinger   Samantha McClurg
Emily Wilson   Catie McCaffrey
Kailey Dunn   Claire DeSalvo
Lilli Oyler   Kelsi Helwig
Kathryn Kotchish   Caitlin O'Byrne
Bre Cesavice   Charlotte Robards


2020-21 York Devils Apparel Order

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2020-2021 YIHC Development

2020-2021 YIHC Practice Schedule

2020-2021 YIHC Practice Schedule


This is the first guiding principle listed by USA Hockey in its effort to promote “developmentally-appropriate athlete development, health and safety, and sustained physical activity.”

YIHC has a long history of building top tier AA teams and players. While most of these athletes were talented, to begin with, they bought into our development culture and utilized the training provided to them by our paid staff.

Self-evaluation and feedback from our members have helped us revamp our practice layout and extend the practice season to ensure we are focusing on development across all levels and age groups. 

This diagram represents the planned practice layout for the 2020-2021 season.  Our focus is to expose all athletes to our paid staff during each practice session. These sessions will contain structured, age-specific training approved by our hockey operations staff.

A team’s primary week will consist of two 1.5-hour practice sessions, and possibly a 1-hour power skate session. The primary weeks rotate every three practices, and power skating will be every other week. This means teams will see between two and four hours of practice ice depending on the week.

Practice sessions will be broken down into 30-minutes team-specific training, 30-minutes positional & stick skills, and 30-minute, concept-based small area games if it is your primary week.

Mite practices will be held opposite these nights to allow our Hockey Director, Matt Doyle, access to this age group. They will consist of two 1-hour sessions per week with an additional half-hour every other week for power/technical skating instruction. Both travel and in-house Mites will be included in these sessions when their respective seasons begin. This will allow our staff to run high paced, ADM-style practices.

Shane Clifford will be returning to run his goalie clinics for YIHC this season. These will be held one week per month. We will also continue to provide instruction during practices through our partnership with the Skipjacks.

We will be kicking off our season with a minicamp in the first week of August. This camp will consist of our players 10U & Older again. Based on feedback from last season we will also provide a second minicamp to kickoff the start of our Mite season that will include all players 8U & Older.

The last change we have made is extending the practice season out to 31 weeks for our 10U & Older players and 28 weeks for our 8U players. This will keep our athletes in shape for playoffs, tryouts, and hopefully their Spring sport.

Lastly, I would like to thank all our parents for providing their feedback to us this past season. We could not be more excited about the changes we have made, and we believe they have addressed your concerns.

YIHC COVID-19 Guidelines

The York Ice Hockey Club is following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prepare for when a club member gets sick. 

  • Advise Sick Individuals of Home Isolation Criteria
  • Isolate and Transport Those Who are Sick
    • Make sure that coaches, staff, officials, players, and families know that sick individuals should not attend the youth sports activity, and that they should notify youth sports officials (e.g., the COVID-19 point of contact) if they (staff) or their child (families) become sick with COVID-19 symptoms, test positive for COVID-19, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed or suspected case.
    • Immediately separate coaches, staff, officials, and players with COVID-19 symptoms (i.e., fever, cough, shortness of breath) at any youth sports activity. Individuals who are sick should go home or to a healthcare facility, depending on how severe their symptoms are, and follow CDC guidance for caring for oneself and others who are sick. Individuals who have had close contact with a person who has symptoms should be separated and sent home as well, and follow CDC guidance for community-related exposure (see “Notify Health Officials and Close Contacts” below). If symptoms develop, individuals and families should follow CDC guidance for caring for oneself and others who are sick.
    • Establish procedures for safely transporting anyone who is sick to their home or to a healthcare facility. If you are calling an ambulance or bringing someone to the hospital, try to call first to alert them that the person may have COVID-19.
  • Clean and Disinfect
    • Close off areas used by a sick person and do not use these areas until after cleaning and disinfecting them (for outdoor areas, this includes surfaces or shared objects in the area, if applicable).
    • Wait at least 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting. If 24 hours is not feasible, wait as long as possible. Ensure safe and correct use and storage of cleaningexternal icon and disinfection products, including storing them securely away from children.
  • Notify Health Officials and Close Contacts
    • In accordance with state and local privacy and confidentiality laws and regulations, youth sports organizations should notify local health officials, youth sports program staff, umpires/officials, and families immediately of any case of COVID-19 while maintaining confidentiality in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)external icon and other applicable laws and regulations.
    • Work with local health officials to develop a reporting system (e.g., letter) youth sports organizations can use to notify health officials and close contacts of cases of COVID-19.
    • Advise those who have had close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 to stay home and self-monitor for symptoms, and to follow CDC guidance if symptoms develop.
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York Devils Ice Hockey Club

The mission of the York Ice Hockey Club is to develop well-rounded young men and women through high-quality hockey instruction, physical conditioning, team play, and good sportsmanship.

For More Information Please contact the York Devils

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