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    Message from DVHL Shutdown

    Please see the message from DVHL.  As our club obtains more information we will keep you informed.



    YIHC News


    From Glenn Hefferan, AAHA President

    It should be clear to all our Leagues, Clubs, participants and families that COVID-19 is on the uptick. Two New England states (New Hampshire and Massachusetts) completely shut down ice hockey for at least two weeks. If we want to keep ice hockey safe and open in the Atlantic District, we must be vigilant in doing all that is required under State requirements and then do more. League & Club leaders along with Coaches and Managers must amplify the previously issued guidance and requirements, and demand strict adherence.

    The use of ice rink locker rooms is strictly prohibited for all AAHA activities until further notice. Yes, we know it's a bit of hassle, but the alternative is worse. Players should arrive at the rink needing only to put on skates, helmet and gloves. Dressing in the car can be difficult but its manageable.

    New Jersey: Prohibits spectators/parents during competition/games. This must be strictly followed. For age levels of 8U and below, the AAHA recognizes that 1 Parent/guardian shall be deemed “Necessary” and may attend during games, however the Club and or rink may impose a stricter requirement.

    Pennsylvania: buildings are limited to a percentage of lawful occupancy. However, the AAHA is now limiting spectators to no more than 1 person per child, and this AAHA imposed requirement does not authorize exceeding the percentage allowed under State requirements. If your rink is obtaining written guidance on spectator management from Local, County or State Departments of health, please contact me directly.

    Delaware: Rules for Delaware have been managed by the Division of Health, on a rink by rink basis.

    Every Club has the responsibility to ensure that health checks or temperature checks are performed at the entry points of your facility, including the visiting teams.

    Use of masks, social distancing and following all requirements issued by each State and the AAHA, will play a definitive role in mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

    The AAHA has built a good relationships with State officials and advised them we would work diligently with our members and rinks to follow all the best COVID mitigation protocols. Being 100% in these efforts does not mean that ice hockey won’t experience another interruption like New Hampshire and Massachusetts, but not following them will get likely get ice hockey shut down faster. It only took one State inspection to do so Massachusetts.

    To our players: you can help by doing everything practical to social distance, wear your mask, do not put yourself in unnecessary risk of exposure. Do your part to KEEP HOCKEY OPEN!


    2020-2021 YIHC Development

    2020-2021 YIHC Practice Schedule

    2020-2021 YIHC Practice Schedule


    This is the first guiding principle listed by USA Hockey in its effort to promote “developmentally-appropriate athlete development, health and safety, and sustained physical activity.”

    YIHC has a long history of building top tier AA teams and players. While most of these athletes were talented, to begin with, they bought into our development culture and utilized the training provided to them by our paid staff.

    Self-evaluation and feedback from our members have helped us revamp our practice layout and extend the practice season to ensure we are focusing on development across all levels and age groups. 

    This diagram represents the planned practice layout for the 2020-2021 season.  Our focus is to expose all athletes to our paid staff during each practice session. These sessions will contain structured, age-specific training approved by our hockey operations staff.

    A team’s primary week will consist of two 1.5-hour practice sessions, and possibly a 1-hour power skate session. The primary weeks rotate every three practices, and power skating will be every other week. This means teams will see between two and four hours of practice ice depending on the week.

    Practice sessions will be broken down into 30-minutes team-specific training, 30-minutes positional & stick skills, and 30-minute, concept-based small area games if it is your primary week.

    Mite practices will be held opposite these nights to allow our Hockey Director, Matt Doyle, access to this age group. They will consist of two 1-hour sessions per week with an additional half-hour every other week for power/technical skating instruction. Both travel and in-house Mites will be included in these sessions when their respective seasons begin. This will allow our staff to run high paced, ADM-style practices.

    Shane Clifford will be returning to run his goalie clinics for YIHC this season. These will be held one week per month. We will also continue to provide instruction during practices through our partnership with the Skipjacks.

    We will be kicking off our season with a minicamp in the first week of August. This camp will consist of our players 10U & Older again. Based on feedback from last season we will also provide a second minicamp to kickoff the start of our Mite season that will include all players 8U & Older.

    The last change we have made is extending the practice season out to 31 weeks for our 10U & Older players and 28 weeks for our 8U players. This will keep our athletes in shape for playoffs, tryouts, and hopefully their Spring sport.

    Lastly, I would like to thank all our parents for providing their feedback to us this past season. We could not be more excited about the changes we have made, and we believe they have addressed your concerns.

    York Devils Ice Hockey Club

    The mission of the York Ice Hockey Club is to develop well-rounded young men and women through high-quality hockey instruction, physical conditioning, team play, and good sportsmanship.

    COVID-19 Information

    The YDIHC COVID-19 information is now located on our COVID-19 page.

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    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the York Ice Hockey Club presents the following guidelines for the 2020-2021 Season. 

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