Charity mania

Football Tickets: $20

Player credit: $10 per entertainment package sold.

Everyone loves football, music, books, and the chance to win money! Here is how it works: You sell digital Entertainment packages (a selection of digital music and books that can be easily accessed online) for $20. With each package purchased you provide the buyer with a Football Mania sweepstakes ticket. This ticket gives them a chance to win cash prizes each week throughout the NFL season. Prizes range from $25-$1000!

Sold ticket stubs with payment due:

September 5, 2019

Questions: Candy Sipe

R&K Subs

Sell subs and pretzels sandwiches. 

Player credit $2.75 for a sub $3.75 for a sandwich

Order forms due October 10  - give directly to Candy Sipe or drop off in the York Devils mailbox. 

Order pick up is 6 PM,  October 22 at the York Devils office.

Questions: Candy Sipe

R&K Order Form

Scrip Gift Cards

Player credit:  1% - 25% depending on retailer

Earn player credit without selling anything! You can use scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, gas and other essentials that you would purchase anyway. Local retailers include Giant, Walmart, Sheetz, Olive Garden, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and many others. 

For a complete list of retailers: 

Presto Pay can be set to make it easier for buying gift cards Egift cards and gift cards are both available with this program.  A great year-round fundraiser! 

Questions: Heather McCaffrey

Ravens Concession Stand

Player credit: $125 per game, per volunteer

Work a concession stand at the Ravens Stadium during home games this season! It’s ONLY for 18 and older, preferably over 21. 

Please contact Tim Mallon directly for more information or to sign up.p Genius link out to you. All future emails about other events will come based on that group email directly (there could be other events, such as concerts, during the year).

Questions: Tim Mallon

Sheetz Coupon Books

Booklets: $10 

Player credit:  $1 per book sold

Over a $20 value in coupons per booklet, and the coupons are good for 3 years! You will easily be able to use every coupon in the booklet with offers such as Free MTO Items, Free Hot Dog, Free Coffee, Free Donut, BOGO offers, and more! Year-round fundraiser! A great year-round fundraiser! 

Questions: Candy Sipe

Upcoming Fundraisers

Super Match

Player credit: $2.50

Super bowl tickets chances to win during each quarter 

Hockey Mania

Player credit: $10 for each ticket sold

Hockey tickets for the last 15 weeks of the season works the same way as the Football tickets.

Thirty One

New styles and products will be available to order.  Be on the look out closer to the holidays.