Parent/Guardian Certification Requirements

IMPORTANT! Please read prior to starting the training.

  1.  Access the York Devils Coach/Volunteer link located under the Programs tab.  If you don't have  a USA Hockey number you can obtain one via  the York Devils Coach/Volunteer link.   This is a required.  This is how all training will be tracked and reported.
  2.  It is a requirement that  1 person in the household complete the  Concussion and SafeSport training.

Please check with your team manager if you are unclear of your completion status. 

CDC Heads Up Concussion Training

Launch Training

SafeSport Certified Training 

Required courses:

1.    Mandatory Reporting

2.    Emotional and Physical Misconduct

3.    Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education

You will need to complete all THREE (3) courses to obtain your SafeSport Certified training certificate.

Instructions for creating an account:

1.    Click here to register for SafeSport Training.

2.    Select your organization and membership type.

3.    Enter your USA Hockey confirmation number or officials number and last name.  Please make sure there are NO SPACES before or after your number.

4.    Next click on the green “continue” button on the bottom right side of the page.

5.    Please verify your information then click the green next button.

6.    You will then be asked to fill out the registration information requested.

7.    Once all information is entered please click the green save button on bottom right had side of the page.

Once you have registered you will receive an email from “”  with the subject titled “SafeSport Account Created.”   Please open the email and click on the “confirm email address.”  You will only need to register the first time to set up the account. Once the account is set up, you will sign in using your email address and password. 

 If you do not receive an email, please contact

Click here to sign back in to SafeSport Training.