Bardownski Hockey Sticks

Bardownski Hockey is a proud sponsor of the York Tournament Series and produces custom hockey sticks. Players that participated in Coach Matt’s camp this summer were able to test the sticks and loved them. They are high end, low-mid kick point, 100 carbon fiber sticks, backed by a 60 day warranty.

Order on their website here. Check out the curve comparison and stick specifications.

From Bardownski:

The price being charged for high-end hockey sticks is hard for many families to pay: nearly $300. In a sport that is already cost-prohibitive, there's no reason those prices should be the norm.

Through relationships with the very same factories as the big boys, Bardownski is buying factory direct, adding personalization and customization to the sticks, and then offering them to you at a fraction of the cost you're used to paying.

Bardownski is working with hockey organizations in a way that benefits all involved. Individual players order sticks through Bardownski, and the team or organization driving the order receives a donation back from our company, as a part of our giveback initiative.

We all have to buy hockey sticks: that's a given. But with Bardownski's customization, personalization, and prices, it's a win for everyone.