Devils Draft: Welcome to a New Season

Greetings, Devils! 

Welcome to the 2019-2020 hockey season in York. You'll notice some new paint, new faces and new ideas this year. We are forever thankful to all of the hardworking parents, volunteers and alumni who made this club what it is today, and we are excited to grow the organization and carry it into the future. 

Through this weekly post, called the Devils Draft, we will update you on the latest club news. Great communication with our members is essential to a healthy organization, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, comments or news you want to share. You can find board contacts here

Let's have a great season together! 

All the best,

Candy Woodall 


Devils Families,

Welcome to another year of Devils hockey! As the beginning of the season draws near, I want to reach out and say thank you for entrusting us with the development of your young athletes through this great sport. Hockey teams and clubs are like families, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the York Devils.

We are going to be stressing our core values throughout the season. The one I’d like to focus on this month is “PASSION.” Our parents, especially, are some of the most passionate around. I love running into parents who want to sit down and talk about Devils hockey. The cheering and enthusiasm from the stands as our players compete is particularly inspiring. I encourage everyone to use their passion in a positive manner this season to, as Matt says, “provide energy for everyone around you.”

I look forward to seeing everyone at Mini Camp this weekend and to an exciting season for the York Devils.


Clayton Edwards


As we approach Mini Camp, I want to update the club on the progress the coaching staff has observed at the rink. 

Attendance for Hockey Fit this summer has been solid! As a club, we started with a great base of athleticism and we are well on our way to quality Linear Speed Development. 

In the second half of Hockey Fit, we transitioned into Lateral Speed Development. That's when players  developed more explosive change of direction and lateral movement. The structure of that programming is bringing us into the season prepared to compete. 

If your players have missed out on Hockey Fit, hopefully they have been busy! We have many multi-sport athletes, as well as full-time hockey players, that are currently grinding through their summer.

Continue to be an athlete away from the rink, and continue to enjoy the work as our season begins!

We have players participating in the Hockey Strength Program as well. Their knowledge, strength and ability has tremendously improved. The first half of their programming gave them a base level of Prime Mover Strength and technique. The second half focused more on Hockey Specific Explosive Movements. 

Again, if you need guidance on strength conditioning coming into the season, please reach out ASAP! We will have age/sport-specific strength training practically every week in-season. We want to be as prepared as possible for a great year.

I'm also extremely proud of those who attended DSS19 in June. The effort and focus put out by our players proved the ability to play and train at a highly competitive level! Every year we can honestly say this was the “best year yet.”

Players who were new to the camp were surprised by the work ethic and focus of YD players. We were not!

Thank you to all who attended. We have another camp next week, and a few spots are still open. After these two camps, and all your hard work this summer, we can't wait to see you hit the ice this season!

It's clear the culture of the York Ice Hockey Club is producing committed, educated and hardworking people, athletes and hockey players. 

We are looking forward to entering training camp as prepared as we’ve ever been. 

Bring on the Hockey Season!

Matt Doyle

YIHC Hockey Director

Tom Kapp

Hockey Fit Program Director 

Alex Prego

Hockey Fit Head Instructor


The preparation process makes the experience fulfilling. No preparation means no foundation to build on in the future. – John Stockton

Welcome to the Coach's Bench: a spot where I will be providing updates throughout the season. For those I haven't met yet, I am Gary Suchy, the newly elected Commissioner of Coaches. My primary goal is to assist Hockey Director Matt Doyle with implementing basic, player-training baselines and a positional-structure framework for our coaches. As players advance from mites through 18U, we will increase specialization, but all will be built on fundamentals. In addition, I assist Matt with discussing our core values with coaches and help through situations that challenges those values. I am also here for all parents to discuss concerns about their head or assistant coaches. Please know that I appreciate hearing about the positives too.

A big thank you goes out to all coaches for volunteering to help. It's a big commitment. Remember, our coaches spend a lot of time evaluating their players, reviewing game and practice video, personal education, off/on ice practice plans, game rosters, logistics and communications with team managers, parents and most importantly, our players.

I hope your players are having a great summer. It's really important at this time to focus on them being athletes first and hockey players second. Developmental experts all agree that promoting the athlete through playing multiple sports, off-ice workouts and just being a kid (biking, swimming, t-ball with neighborhood friends, etc...) are excellent aids in year-round athletic development. 

My best,



Hockey is not a cheap sport, but our club offers many fundraising opportunities. Take a minute to look at the options on our website here. 

If you have any questions, reach out to Fundraising Director Candy Sipe at


1. We are having a club cookout. 

2. You can find ice times here. 

3. Your team manager will have some of the apparel you ordered, and we will also have a pop-up apparel sale. 

4. In-House registration will also being going on this weekend. 

5. We will have donation boxes ready for three causes we support as a club: juvenile diabetes, breast cancer and veterans. 


Parent helpers are integral to our club's success. But we need to make sure all of our parents and volunteers have the proper clearances. Player safety is our top priority. If you want to volunteer, we need the following clearances from you:

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Checks for Employment (SPA-164) or Volunteers (SPA-164A)

Child Abuse History Clearance (CY113)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Fingerprinting or waiver

Verified Volunteers 

Safesport certification

Heads up certification

Even if you don't volunteer, we need these two things:

Safesport certification (if you did it last year, it is good for this year)

Heads up certification

See your team manager for more information, or if you have questions. 


Practice schedules, DVHL schedules and EJ schedules are posted. Your team manager will be giving you details and times.


Our next board meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 13 in the meeting room on the second floor of the rink. 

Please join us and have an active voice in the club!