Time to Register for 2018-19!

We are thrilled to share that we have launched a state of the art platform through which our club can grow and share information. Our new website will be a one-stop shop for all your hockey needs: registering, paying and checking balances, rostering, scheduling, communication, and family calendars.

And now it's your turn! We've been busy building the website, and now the time has come for families to create an account and start using the platform for all it offers.

This is essentially a tool to manage all the dynamic facets of our great club in one place, and will become the hub of everything we do. Below are the steps to signing up and logging in to get yourself started on this incredible platform. We ask that everyone log in and register their player(s) before our team meetings at the end of May.  


  • *Go to https://www.yorkdevils.org/ 
  •  *Go to "Programs"
  • *Select the program you want to sign up for: travel, girls travel, house
  •          - Create an account with your preferred email address (if necessary)
  •          - Add your player or create a new player profile
  •          - You will need your player's 2018-19 USA Hockey registration
  • *Scroll to the bottom of the page, click "register"
  • *Proceed to answer the given questions
  • *Select which team & position for the appropriate pricing
  •          - This is for pricing purposes, team assignments are handled by admins
  • *You will be prompted to select a pricing plan
  •          - Any credits due will be issued or refunded after registration
  •          - "Full price" includes your $100 discount for paying in full
  •          - "Pricing plan" includes a $25 deposit towards your dues, and 5 equal
  •                payments beginning July 1
  •          - Both options include $225 paid at evaluations
  •          - Any credits due will be adjusted on your account
  •          - House families will have the option of paying in full with a $50
  •                discount, or paying half with registration and the balance due
  •                November 1. 


  • *Go to "dashboard" (upper left corner)
  •          - Select "Players" 
  •          - Select "View Details" next to your player's name
  •          - To add additional emails to communications:
  •                   *Click "add parent" and enter the email address you wish to add.
  •                   *They will receive an email to create an account with that email
  •                         address.
  •                   *An account will need to be created (aka validate their email
  •                         address) in order to receive emails from the club
  •          - To view your payments already made or due in the future:
  •                   *Scroll down to your player's registration history
  •                   *Click "view details"

  • The site is still a work in progress, but please feel free to reach out with any questions to Alanna Bortolin (abortoli@ycp.edu) or Carey Lindsey (careylindsey@gmail.com).