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Frequently Asked Questions

By Candy Woodall, 03/13/20, 8:45AM EDT


What to expect at York Ice Hockey Club in 2020-2021

FAQ for Devils Evals

Q: Why are tryouts closed?
A: Evaluators will be working from inside the rink this year. In order to allow both the players and evaluators to focus on their tasks, parents, parents will not be allowed in the rink.

Q: What are the costs this year?
A: Season costs for each age group will be available in the club brochure prior to evaluations. Tryout fees are $50 for Girls, $75 for 8U, and $100 for youth 10U & older.

Q: Who are the coaches for each team?
A: The club will make every effort to have a paid, non-parent coach or a coach with extensive AA experience for the top team in each age group.  These coaches will also be responsible for assisting the hockey director and ensuring our development plans are being instituted by each team at their respective levels.

Q: How are teams chosen?
A: Teams will be chosen by a committee comprised of the hockey director, commissioner of coaches, evaluators, and input from the previous season's coaches.

Q: When will rosters be posted?
A: Player agreements can be offered at any time for a tryout. The DVHL requires player agreements to be signed for 12U and below prior to evaluations. The placements for these levels will occur no later than 5 business days after the final tryout date.

Q: Will my DVHL team also be in the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League?
A: All 12U and older AA teams will be competing in EJEPL Diamond. The addition of the Futures levels in EJ allow for non-AA teams to play competitive games outside the DVHL. Additional participation outside of AA will be at the club level.

Q: Does York ice Hockey Club provide an off-ice training program?
A: YIHC is committed to developing our athletes on and off the ice. We include a strength and conditioning summer program as well as an in-season program in our tuition fees. The off-ice training is at times generalized for building overall athleticism and at times hockey specific. Our goal is to build athletes first and to minimize future injuries caused by overuse. We invest in off-ice development because it is a key component to developing hockey players. We look for ways to improve this program each year. 

Q: What can we expect for our player's on-ice development?
A: YIHC will be instituting a new on-ice program this season. Practices will be broken up into team, skill, and small area games segments. The skill segments will be run by our paid staff and under the direction of our hockey director. Practices will run from August to March and include minicamps that signify the kickoff of our 10U+ and 8U practice seasons. We will also be including power skating and edge work sessions in addition to our normal practice regimen. This approach focuses on providing consistent training and instruction not only on skill, but structure of the game.