In-House Hockey

Our In House program is for kids new to hockey and those that aren't ready to make the full commitment that is necessary in the travel program.


Birth years 2004 to 2013.


Final registrations are due in August. Ice practices will begin in mid to late September, and games may run through February, although some teams may choose to play in tournaments into March.


We are based in the York Ice Arena in York, PA and play a game schedule that may include regular travel throughout the suburban Baltimore area and central Pennsylvania.


Teams will practice once or twice most weekends, and once games begin will generally have one game and one practice.


Most weekends will consist of one and one practice. Teams will host anywhere from 5 to 8 home games, depending on age and playing level.


Jerseys are an extra $25 if you do not already have a jersey from a previous season.


  • Mosquito & Mite: $595.00
  • 25 Practices
    5 Home Game - 5 away games
    Mosquito/Mite will follow USA Hockey ADM

  • Squirt: $695.00
  • 20 Practices
  • 5 Home Game - 5 away games

  • Pee Wee: $695.00
    20 Practices
    8 Home Game - 8 away games

    Bantam: $695.00
  • 20 Practices
  • 5 Home Game - 5 away games

  • $25.00 discount if Jersey is NOT needed.

  • *Optional Warm Up Suit available at additional fee*

  • **At the Coaches discretion extra apparel may be required that is a separate fee and not included in above pricing**

  • Available Discounts
  • Early Bird - $50 when entire season’s dues are paid in full at time of registration.
  • Multiplayer - $30 per in-house player
  • Goalie - $100 for full times goalies (Squirt through Bantam)