Travel Hockey

Travel Hockey is for our players who wish to play a competitive league schedule. We field teams for every playing ability, from B to AA.


Birth years 2000 to 2009.


Ice practices begin at the end of August and run through February. Games generally begin in mid to late September. Some teams advance to league playoffs or opt to play tournaments into March.


We are based in the York Ice Arena in York, PA and play a game schedule that may include regular travel throughout Maryland, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.


Practices are held twice a week. These teams will hold 50 practice sessions. Exception: Midget Combo will practice once during the week and hold 30 practice sessions.


Most weekends will consist of one or two games. Teams will host anywhere from 10 to 17 home games, depending on age and playing level.


  • Travel costs include (unless noted):

  •         50 Practices
  •         Home Game Slots
  •                 Midgets - 17
  •                 Bantams & Pee Wees - 15
  •                 Squirts - 12
  •                 Mites - 10
  •         DVHL League Schedule
  •         (2) Tournament Fees
  •         Hockey Fit—Summer Off Ice Program
  •         Season Work Out Program
  •         Practice Jersey and Socks
  • Mite ½ Ice team 
  • Coaches: TBA, Cost: $950.00
  • (0) Tournament Fees 
  • Squirt AA/A/B
  • Coach: TBD, Cost: $1,500.00
  • Pee Wee & Bantam AA/A/B
  • Coach: Matt Doyle, Cost: $1,800.00
  • Midget 18AA/16AA /16A
  • Coach 18AA: Mike Cleveland
  • Coach 16AA: Mike Cleveland/Dennis Rumsey
  • Coach 16A: TBA
  • Cost: $2,500.00
  • (3) Tournament / Showcase Feess 
  • Midget 18A
  • Coach: TBA, Cost: $2,100.00

*EJEPL League Participation will be for AA teams ONLY and will be determined after Evaluations for $500 additional cost per player*

*DVHL American B Division Possible at Squirts through Bantams. Price TBD.*

  • Available Discounts
  • Early Bird - $100 when entire season’s dues are paid in full  at time of registration.
  • Multiplayer - $75 per travel player
  • Goalie - $300 for full times goalies (Squirt through Midget)